Monday, August 19, 2013

National Day Rally is promising but implementation is key, says WP - Channel News Asia

SINGAPORE: The Workers' Party has said that the Prime Minister's National Day Rally this year is "promising but implementation is key".

Workers' Party chairman Sylvia Lim said: "The Workers' Party notes the Prime Minister's acknowledgment at National Day Rally 2013 of the need to strengthen safety nets and boost social mobility, in the context of a globalised world and rising inequality in Singapore.

"The Workers' Party has long advocated that the government needs to move in this direction, to give Singaporeans security and peace of mind in an increasingly competitive environment where not everyone can thrive on their own. We are thus pleased to hear of the 'shift' towards a nation where 'we are all in this together.'"

On healthcare, Ms Lim said the government also needs to look into the affordability of step-down care and drugs. The party also repeated its call to allow those above the age of 75 to tap into their Medisave without any restrictions.

She added: "The overhaul of the MediShield insurance scheme to cover everyone, without excluding for age or pre-existing conditions, is in line with the Workers' Party call for a universal hospitalisation insurance to cover acute hospital bills."

On education, she said the initiative to move away from high-stakes examinations, represents incremental shifts toward a more holistic development of students.

Ms Lim added that the party hopes to see the realisation of the government's promises, "so as to create a society where mutual care and concern is a hallmark".

"We await the concrete implementation of the directions announced at the National Day Rally 2013," said Ms Lim.
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