Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Singapore cartoonist apologises over satirical strip - New Straits Times

06 August 2013| last updated at 08:20PM

The Attorney-General's Chambers said it would no longer pursue contempt of  court charges against Leslie Chew, 37, after he apologised and removed four  offending cartoon strips from his "Demon-cratic Singapore" Facebook page.

 "In light of that apology and undertaking, as well as the fact that the  offending comic strips have been taken down, the Attorney-General's Chambers  has determined that it is not necessary to continue the contempt proceedings,"  the AGC said in a statement.

Chew had been due in court next Monday. Singapore has no maximum penalty  for contempt of court, meaning he could have been jailed and fined if found  guilty.

Chew regularly posts satirical cartoons. His subjects are usually local  politicians, despite a disclaimer on his page saying it is "a totally fictional  comic with entirely fictional characters based on wholly fictional events in a  fictional country".   

In an apology posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, Chew said the comic  strips had misrepresented that Singapore's judiciary "administers differential  treatment to individuals based on their nationality, social status and  political affiliation".   

The comic strips also misrepresented that there were specific criminal  cases where court rulings were not based on merit, the apology said. - AFP

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