Friday, August 9, 2013

Singapore marks 48th birthday with NDP - Channel News Asia

SINGAPORE: Singapore marked its 48th birthday this year with a magnificent celebration on Friday, bringing together some 27,000 people at the Marina Bay floating platform for the National Day Parade.

During the three-and-a-half hour celebrations, the spectators were treated to a display of defence hardware, aerial flypass, and a variety show with plenty of song and dance.

However, one of the National Day Parade's all-time favourites - the Red Lions' jump segment - was called off due to low cloud cover.

This year's NDP paid tribute to everyday Singaporeans, and their stories took centre stage at the show. The theme song this year, for example, was not sung by a local artiste for once, but 68 Singaporeans who together formed the Sing A Nation choir.

At 8.20pm, Singapore stood still for a quiet moment to recite the National Pledge. Then, it was time to sing the National Anthem.

The party ended with a brilliant burst of colours as fireworks were launched into the sky.

The NDP is the finale of months and months of hard work by thousands of people - organisers, performers and participants who put the show together.

And the result wasn't lost on the spectators.

"I like the navy display the most, because they are our protectors, day and night, and they are our guardians of Singapore. I find it so impressive. As a student, I'm very young, I know, but I have never been more proud of Singapore as I watched the technology and the improvements made to protect us and to be the metropolis that we are today," said an Indian spectator.

A Chinese man liked the "high spirit" while a Malay male spectator said the presentation was "very good".
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