Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Will we ever pee in peace?: Page 3 of 3 - AsiaOne

What if my daydreaming had moved on to the next dimension and I ceased to be aware of my immediate surroundings?

Men often drift away at a urinal. It's where they get their best thinking done (and why they frequently miss the urinal).

In such instances, men can turn and zip up, in that order, with a slight pause between the two. It's only a second - a fleeting glimpse - but more than enough time to put the cleaner off chicken sausages for a week.

Frankly, I should've scolded the auntie. I respect my elders, but there's a limit. Every man has his threshold. I was within my rights to ask her to leave.

I was probably within my rights to pee in her bucket. But my sad, pathetic, polite, conservative "Britishness" took over. I could have said and done just about anything.

Instead, I spotted the cleaner over my shoulder and said: "Hey, Auntie... How?"

That's not a conversation opener with a 65-yearold woman when you're wilfully exposed.

That's not a conversation opener with anyone when your private parts are in play (try that line on a guy standing beside you at a urinal and see how far you get).

But the auntie simply smiled and continued mopping the floor.

And that's what it truly means to be a Singaporean. We still live in a country where people we don't know lurk over our shoulder when we're peeing.

If that's not uniquely Singaporean, then I'm a chicken sausage.

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